Experience the Boise River At Its Finest

Spend time on the six-mile stretch in Downtown Boise

You don't have to leave town to go floating on the Boise River. Just head to Barber Park, where you can rent a raft or an innertube and access the river with ease. Don't forget to check the resources on this website before you go - Boise River Floaters has everything you need to plan a trip, from river updates to park rules.

The Boise River flows at a leisurely pace from Barber Park to Ann Morrison Park, some six miles away as the fish swims. Ann Morrison Park features a pullout ramp to make it easy for rafters to exit the water. From there, you can...

  • Return your rental equipment
  • Board a shuttle bus back to your car
  • Stick around Downtown Boise or head home

If you spend a lot of time floating down the Boise River, consider buying equipment from Boise River Floaters. Visit the Gear page now to learn more.

There's always something fun to do near the Boise River

Get a taste of the great outdoors on the Boise River. In addition to floating down the river, you can go...

  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Wildlife watching

Or, you can simply enjoy the picture-perfect scenery.

I'm Jesse Snow, the creator of Boise River Floaters. Growing up in Boise, ID, I've spent countless hours floating down the river and meditating in the peace and quiet. I know each rock and bend. And I appreciate being surrounded by nature in the middle of Downtown Boise.

This city is growing fast, and more and more people want to take advantage of all the Boise River has to offer. Turn to Boise River Floaters for information if you...

Are new to the area: Visit my YouTube channel to see how the locals have fun. | Have questions about the Boise River: I may answer them in an upcoming video. | Want to help protect this beautiful resource: Visit the Conservation page to find out how you can get involved.

The Boise River is near and dear to my heart, and I hope you'll feel just as protective of it after spending some time on the river.