Wondering How to Keep the Boise River Looking Beautiful?

Wondering How to Keep the Boise River Looking Beautiful?

Volunteer to help with conservation efforts

Some local organizations periodically send groups of volunteers to clean up the riverbank. Boise River Floaters keeps an updated list of ongoing conservation projects so you don't have to hunt for this information yourself. Consider bookmarking this page if you plan on checking it frequently.

Here are some things you can do

Here are some things you can do

As residents of the Boise, ID area, it's up to us to keep the Boise River looking its best. In addition to volunteering with local conservation groups, you can do your part by...

  • Picking up litter to prevent trash from polluting the river
  • Using designated launch ramps to keep the riverbank from eroding
  • Properly disposing of food waste to stop wild animals from eating things they shouldn't
Spread the word so everyone knows how to protect the Boise River from pollution and erosion.

Idaho Fish and Game is charged with preserving, protecting, perpetuating and managing all wildlife in the state for present and future generations.

To fish in Idaho you need:

  • A fishing license.
  • Rules and regulations.
  • Proper gear.
  • A place to go.

  • To purchase a license, tag and/or permits at a license vendor, click Here

    To purchase at Regional Offices, click Here

    With a credit card - Online Or by Phone: 1-800-554-8685 (There is a processing fee for applications made by phone and online.)

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    Boise River Fishing Information

    Boise River from the mouth upstream to Lucky Peak Dam (lower Boise River). Section: From the downstream side of the East Parkcenter Bridge to the upstream side of the West Parkcenter Bridge
    • Trout limit is 2, none under 14 inches

    All other sections of the lower Boise River - trout limit is 6.

    Southwest Region general rules apply Here

    Trout includes Brown Trout, Lake Trout, Golden Trout, Arctic Grayling, Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout, land-locked Chinook and Coho Salmon, trout hybrids (e.g. Tiger Trout)
    Trout limit is 6, all species combined
    *Does not include Bull Trout and Brook Trout which are listed separately